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Insolvency Field Services

Insolvency appointments can happen anywhere. We provide Insolvency Practitioners with an additional resource for managing appointments, particularly in remote locations and/or with outlets and/or assets that are in multiple diverse locations, such as retail chains and construction companies.


With a background as Insolvency Practitioner, our management understands the insolvency process and our licensed Mercantile Agents and licensed security personnel are able to provide a number of services on behalf of Insolvency Practitioners.


At initial appointment we can act as part of your team, under your instruction, assisting with securing of premises and assets; controlling looting; retrieving assets from employees/remote locations, etc.


Post appointment we can assist with cataloging and boxing of books & records, management of retention of title (ROT) returns (under your adjudication), preference investigations and security, including magnetometers if indicated (eg jewelery store appointments).


Depending on location and required skillset, we are often able to organise personnel to supervise trade-on's.

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Newcastle based and with a network of experienced agents covering most of the upper East Coast of NSW and North West to Moree and beyond, Rapid Commercial acts on behalf of some of the largest and best-known names in the finance industry, often performing work that is difficult, unpleasant and litigious.


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